What does Bible Prophecy mean to us today?

Bible prophecy is an amazingly large and important part of the Bible.
Why, you might ask. Because, if studied and understood it gives us insight into God himself as the creator of the heavens and the earth. No man has all the answers about the Bible, or about God himself, but there are enough answers to be able to understand that you can have a future that promises to be so much better than what you have right now.

Perhaps you ask yourself, if God is real, why is there so much evil in the world?  Why doesn’t he stop all of this? The answer is  not in God’s hands, but in man’s hands. God gave man dominion over the earth and all that is in it, but he also gave him the ability to make choices. So the choice is yours to make, To love God, or not. Both sides of that choice have consequences that are eternal. What kind of relationship would be for God if he MADE everyone love him. That would be like an arranged marriage, and not terribly satisfying. A mutually chosen relationship is (or should be) the best one.


Earth is a beautiful planet, but according to the Bible it has a defined lifespan. Man is doing all he can to save the planet, but is doing very little to save his soul. The soul is eternal, the planet Earth is finite. God has promised a new heavens and new earth one day that is going to be orders of magnitude better than the one we live on right now, and it will be eternal!

What Has Jesus Done?

If you believe the Bible is the word of God then that question is a silly one. If you believe the Bible is just a collection of interesting books written by a group of authors that just managed to talk about a mythical religion that had similarities, then the question might not be so silly. If you are an agnostic then the answers we have can have a profound effect on your search. If you are an atheist then we can tell you things that might or might not change your mind, depending on how set in your ways you are. What we all need to understand is that the consequences of what YOU do are going to be Monumental and Eternal


Bible Prophecy

Bible prophecy is a huge subject and covers a lot of territory. it talks about nations, and one nation in particular, Israel. It talks about people. It talks about world conditions in the time we now live in. It gives insights into God’s plan for this world, and the times yet to come. 

Bible prophecy certainly is what it says it is, it is prophetic. It not only lays out what has happened in the past, which can be checked through secular history, but tells us clearly what is going to happen soon.  What is amazing is that because of the prophecies we can see that man has attempted to usurp God’s rightful position in the physical and spiritual realms of God’s domain 


God does not, and can not lie

Prophecy reveals to us that God has said things about the world and it’s inhabitants before they happened. The prophecies are true and accurate in all aspects. We can see that as they happened and were recorded, that God spoke the truth. This cements in place that God does not lie. If God didn’t lie about the past, then he will not lie about the future.


Was Jesus just a happy accident? 

Jesus fulfilled between 24 and 33 prophecies in the 24 hours leading up to his crucifixion . 

There are about 425 prophecies concerning Jesus in the Old Testament. About 355 have been fulfilled. The rest are yet to be fulfilled in these last days and concern Jesus return and subsequent reign on the earth.

So Jesus is not a fluke, or a happy accident, but has been a part of the redemption plan of God for almost 6000 years. We might think that is a long time, but it’s nothing in God’s time. To put it in perspective, God says our lives are a mere vapor and we are here for just a short time. Just enough time to have an opportunity to get it right.


What can You Do?